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was a day 1 reservation holder within the first hour. Rode all the roller coasters ford put us on and was finally invited to build wave 3 for 2023. Since the start I was after a pro, and ended up with the workaround pro order in wave 3. very doubtful it would get scheduled. seen all the doom and gloom, and relative handwriting on the wall the continuous price hikes the horror stories of fighting with dealers for price protection, and ford basically saying no more pros would be built 23 and or XLT's also were becoming unicorns now too.

I basically gave up and had a good opportunity on a new Chevy bolt euv (pre its price hike msrp + GM friends supplier disc) they install wiring etc as figured could get that and sit and wait for next gen or maybe like a maverick lightning or similar. it is a incredibly practical vehicle by the way. Fast forward to Feb here and I get notification my order is slated to get built in march i think my price protection would have been middle price hikes so like 56k. Was already debating or hoping there was some way to justify it (but really its quite the price jump even though the market values on the bolt with tax credit worst case looks like break even best case few K ahead)

A few days later like feb 13th a alert I had set on cargurus notifies me literally the dealer I got my bolt from they had a 22 Pro mannequin (loaded as pros go) 2k miles (it seen msot of those as a loaner to the person who was originally going to buy it) that became available MSRP + 1200 for the added linex and running boards. Being a absolute insane person i jump on it, and took it home the 15th. The most vehicles I have gone thru in a period of time feels utterly irresponsible but knew minimally I would regret not exploring the option especially at 2022 pricing.

In a non ZEV state so it was quite the unicorn, and WI being a pretty truck happy state I was surprised to even make it first in line (apparently dealer got bombarded with like 20 people chomping at the bit). My head is still spinning and its a weird step up/sideways biggest thing to get used to is just how big the thing is :) you loose some features, but still gain some from the well teched out bolt euv. It would have been nice to have a color other than oxford white, or have heated seats standard but the cost difference i can live with white and figure out heated seats.

I have already started my spreadsheet of things i want to look at doing for/with it so I guess still pretty excited.
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