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New 2023 XLT SR MSRP $69,894 Shipped last week to Boston area

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If you have an older model good condition pickup truck that you plan on trading or selling when your Lightning arrives this offer may be of interest to you. I was notified my Lightning has been shipped and anticipated delivery is as early as week of 1/3/23. I have decided that my very frequent travel of 150 to 200 miles between Boston and New Hampshire is not reasonably feasible without a battery charge for each trip. (Especially in the winter months). Regardless - I need a truck. Unfortunately as a first time EV buyer I had little awareness of battery charging constraints, severe impact of cold weather degradation or the very limited charging infrastructure in the areas I most travel.
The details of of my Lightning if it is possible to place an order for a 2023 XLT are:

2023 XLT SR (311A) $63474 —-Iconic Silver Matallic
tow tech package $. 1395
max trailer package $. 1000
9.6 kw power on brd$ 1200
step tailgate wrk surf$ 430
power cord charger. $. 500
shipping. $1895
total MSRP. $69,894

My proposal is to get reasonable reimbursement for the the purchase of the new Lightning and negotiate the cost you may want for the trade of your truck. Ideally some mutual benefit could result in a direct deal with a buyer opposed to me negotiating and trading with the dealer. If anyone is interested you can DM me.

Best wishes for a great 2023 when hopefully all will get an opportunity to receive your Lightning or get one ordered.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts