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Need help to understand how to order bidirectional power and automated driving features

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I haven't got my order to invite yet, but I wanted to be ready when I do so I need input/help on what to order, based on the criteria below

1. I would like to get the price as low as possible to get the following
2. I would like bidirectional power to the house. Someone said I can do that with the standard range and 9.6, and that should do it? Will that give me 30kwh per for 3 days like they say? Also, it says only emergencies but what does that mean, can I just activate it when I want? What is the battery size on the 110kwh and you can up to 90kwh on either size to get bidirectional power
3. What additional equipment will I need to satisfy #2? I saw I needed like 2 things, an intelligent pro system, and some station. Can anyone confirm and provide deets?
4. I think the only automated thing it had was the ford copilot 2.0 but when I add the two technology packages.. it gets rid of that.. why?
5. What is the difference between the 360 camera and the rearview camera. The rearview camera looks like it's only available in the copilot 2.0 but it won't let me add that and the 360 camera?
6. someone mentioned an esourcebook to help.. can I get access to that?
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Good video explainer:

How to Charge The Ford F 150 Lightning Deep Dive

We live in Georgia, a location not served by SunRun. The early word is that SunRun is the exclusive provider of the system for Intelligent Backup Power. A backup power system needs a smart switch to disconnect the house from the grid to avoid back-powering the grid during power outages and being a hazard to utility workers who think they have isolated an area with dead lines to facilitate their restoration work. At first, the bi-directional power use is going to be a novelty and I am betting a whole lot of Lariat 511A (most cost-effective way to the big battery) are going to NOT use their Ford Charge Station Pro (and will flip it on EBay).

Just MHO the base with max tow, or the Lariat 511A, are the best value propositions.
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