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Need help to understand how to order bidirectional power and automated driving features

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I haven't got my order to invite yet, but I wanted to be ready when I do so I need input/help on what to order, based on the criteria below

1. I would like to get the price as low as possible to get the following
2. I would like bidirectional power to the house. Someone said I can do that with the standard range and 9.6, and that should do it? Will that give me 30kwh per for 3 days like they say? Also, it says only emergencies but what does that mean, can I just activate it when I want? What is the battery size on the 110kwh and you can up to 90kwh on either size to get bidirectional power
3. What additional equipment will I need to satisfy #2? I saw I needed like 2 things, an intelligent pro system, and some station. Can anyone confirm and provide deets?
4. I think the only automated thing it had was the ford copilot 2.0 but when I add the two technology packages.. it gets rid of that.. why?
5. What is the difference between the 360 camera and the rearview camera. The rearview camera looks like it's only available in the copilot 2.0 but it won't let me add that and the 360 camera?
6. someone mentioned an esourcebook to help.. can I get access to that?
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360 camera gives you an overhead view. Birdseye if you will. It is like an out of body experience looking down on vehicle. Makes parking much easier. I highly recommend. It is available on the pro with the Tow technology package. Rear camera is on when you back up and it also in operation with the other cameras around the vehicle for the 360 view. Obviously if you have a smaller battery pack the time you will power your house will be lower. I would still get the backup tho because with a little rationing I am sure it would ensure at least a few days of backup.You can switch it over anytime you like. When you bring in power to your home through your main electrical box you have to make sure the power does not leak out to the grid because it could harm someone working outside of your house. For example a utility company employee working down the street. This switch is part of what needs to be installed along with the charger. Hope this helps. I had the same question about the assist 2.0. I believe it is part of the Tow technology package and removing it is just something you have to do in the build when you add Tow technology. The added cameras under the mirrors make the 360 possible and is also part of the 2.0 assist.Hope this helped.
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