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Need another Lightning for Poolesville Day Parade 8/17

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Organizers are looking for more electric pickups to carry dignitaries in the parade. I’m scheduled to carry the Grand Marshall.


Hello Rivian and Lightning Owners,

We are still looking for one more Electric Pickup to drive some VIPs in the Parade!

Note, if you are interested in the Parade, you will have to be there by 8 am. The parade ends after 11 am.

Also are you interested in displaying your Trucks at the event?

Please send an email to [email protected].

Best Regards,

JD Taylor
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Great National Drive Electric week event today in Poolesville, MD (largest in the nation). I drove the co-Grand Marshall and family in the back of my Lightning (Sherman). He's the President of the board of Poolesville Green.
Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Tire Car

My wife, June drove our Mach E (Marlin) back in the Electric Vehicle Association of DC (EVA-DC) group.

Awesome Lighting turnout. There were three other Lightnings there. A twin to my IBSM Lariat, a dark gray Platinum, and a blackout matte finished Platinum.

Best of all, in one of the raffles, we won a new electric mower:
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Sky

Font Wood Wall Gas Art

I'm excited. I just had to replace a handle part on the old corded electric mower we've been using for 15 years. This is a great upgrade!
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