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Need Advice on Storing Lightning for 6 months

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I ordered my Lightning 19 months ago and took delivery last month. Getting ready to head to FL for 6 months and will be leaving my Lightning in the garage. For long-term storage Ford Lightning owner's manual recommends charging truck to 50% and then disconnecting the 12V battery. I have following questions:

1) Has anyone done this? What was your experience?
2) What is the HV battery decay per month when 12V battery is disconnected?
3) Do I lose all my vehicle settings (seat positions, Homelink, Radio Presets, etc.) by disconnecting the 12V battery?
4) They also said to make sure vehicle and parking brakes release fully. How do I ensure this?

I called the Ford Helpline to try to get more info as well as talked to my dealer but both were pretty clueless.

Thanks for your help.

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You could probably rent it out to someone for six months and make a pretty penny on that ;)
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