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When you do a search on chargers it defaults to “All Chargers”

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You can pick the charging speed you want by choosing faster or slower lightning bolts

Ultrafast, 100+ kW stations will be limited to Electrify America (all are at least 150 kW) and newer high-speed chargers from other companies.
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While this says "up to 100kW", it seems to be 22-100 kW as our nearest L2 charger 0.4 miles away doesn't show up. Beware that this one will include everything from the 25 kW chargers at Harley Davidson dealerships, up to 62 kW Chargepoint stations.
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Chargers up to 22 kW will almost always show only Level 2 chargers.
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That said, I think setting a minimum would be more helpful than setting a maximum. At least the fastest is listed as 100+ kW.
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