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My22 order converted to My23 order

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After waiting 2 weeks to be able to talk to my salesman, take the 45 min ride there and dealer tells me that I need to talk to Ford for the conversion. Even showed them my email. Call Ford they say no need to talk to dealer. Have them call their rep to help them if they need it. Only thing I got is that they are looking to charge me an addition 2k for AMD because its now a 23 order. Aggravating and waste of my time. Ford starting to lose me as a Loyal customer....
Anyway.. in the 22 builder I believe the 110 wall charger was included with all the vehicles and trims Standard and extended range batteries. For 23 there is a $500 charge if you get the extended battery and still want the 110 charge. 1st EV so thinking that's always good in a pinch when traveling. So for the My22 to My23 order should that still be included for free or covered under the price protection?????
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Consider something like this. ZENCAR Level 2 EV Charger 40 Amp Portable Evse Mini wallbox Home EV Charging Station with EV Charger Plug Holder and Cable Holder, Timing Delay (SAE J1722, 240V, 16A-40A, NEMA 14-50) https://a.co/d/7UBMS7r lower cost and can charge at 40A on 240v instead of 32A on the Ford charger
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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