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My XLT ER mannequin shows SR level DTE... Advice?

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I purchased a mannequin 2022 XLT ER new (380 miles odo) from a dealer yesterday. This is our second EV so we already have a charger at the house, which is good because the battery was down to 35 miles DTE and the dealer said they're trying to find the charger they owe me in their maintenance area so I'm charging on my existing L2 home charger.

The window sticker (which I still have) says the vehicle is an ER version and I certainly had no reason to doubt the veracity of that during the purchase. However, the Ford app says that the truck is charged 99% with a target of 100%. The app says the target distance to empty is 230 miles and the "Energy" statistic on the current charge is 82 kWh. Given that 230 miles is the exact range of the SR, I'm concerned that the window sticker may have been incorrect about this being an ER model.

In our other EV I can see stats on the battery such as the kwh capacity but I'm not finding where on this vehicle's screen menu to find such info. I have a hard time believing the dealer is wrong about the battery type on the vehicle they just sold me, but given the charging stats I'm not sure what to think. Does anyone have an insight or advice on navigating this situation?

Thank you!
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Reset your history of mileage calculations and let it run a full charge down with normal driving. It will adjust. It’s using the small sample size. Mine was used also and sat on lot for months and it showed very low until I did that. Although even now a full charge only gives me 285 range. ….
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