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Multiple fault warnings

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Curious if anyone else is getting faults. Right now through the ford pass app I have 3 different faults
1) High Voltage Battery Warning
2) Antilock Brake Fault
3) Restraints Indicator Lamp Warning

also the display behind the steering wheel constantly reboots while driving. It will just go black and sometimes comes back but more often stays black until truck is restarted.

all faults say I should take it in for service so I just scheduled for first available appointment which is next week. Only had the truck 1 week and I absolutely love it but she’s worrying me
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I have a similar problem. Luckily in my driveway dash suddenly scrolled through multiple faults with a warning sound. Truck would not start and shifter would not engage. Had to be towed to the dealer and is there now for a week with no solution yet. Neighbours entertained.
Sounds like a low 12v battery.
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