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I have not been able to find a measure of the Lightning's MPGe. There's a post on this site that has MPGe in the title, but nothing in the actual post that gives it. I was discussing the truck with a friend and realized that while we have a ballpark for the range, I couldn't come up with the efficiency numbers. Thanks!
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That's correct. The MPGe will not be measured until Ford starts testing the pre-production prototypes, which they haven't started building yet.

For the Mustang Mach E, EPA ratings came out about the same time as customer production began, November 2020.
Thanks, Marlin. I thought we were well past that point, as I've seen video of pre-production prototypes in the wild (
shows six at a California Electrify America site) and had this quote from Ford back in September: “One year after Ford confirmed construction of the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Mich., the first Ford F-150 Lightning pre-production units begin leaving the factory; the all-electric F-150 Lightning goes on sale next spring.”
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