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I have not been able to find a measure of the Lightning's MPGe. There's a post on this site that has MPGe in the title, but nothing in the actual post that gives it. I was discussing the truck with a friend and realized that while we have a ballpark for the range, I couldn't come up with the efficiency numbers. Thanks!
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@verbwashington 85-mpg is what this one source is estimating it will be.
"The official efficiency data is not yet available, but based on the range and charging performance information released by Ford, we estimate the efficiency to likely be between 0.46 to 0.50 kWh per mile. That would make it one of the least efficient EVs available. However, the average gasoline F-150 model is also inefficient for a gasoline vehicle, with a fuel economy rating around 20 mpg. The Ford F-150 Lightning will produce fewer emissions than the gasoline-powered F-150 while driving, even on the dirtiest electric grids in the US. And on the cleanest grids, the electric pickup will likely be responsible for less than a quarter of the global warming emissions of the gasoline truck. For example, in California, driving the F-150 Lightning should produce global warming emissions equal to an 85 mpg gasoline vehicle, better than any gasoline car or truck. For over 70 percent of the population in the US, driving the electric version of this vehicle should produce less than half the global warming emissions of the gasoline model."
Thanks, that's a useful article in many ways. I can live with 85 MPGe!
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