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MPG Equivalent.

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Yeah my first electric bill since I have been charging my Lightning, has come. I have been tracking the kWh since I received the truck, 10 days, and I have been patiently (?) waiting to calculate my MPG Equivalent. A long time ago I read that the Ford Lightning would have a 75 mpg equivalent. My data and calculations are only for the first 10 days I have charged at home, and it must be said I am not a mathematician or an accountant. Also I must mention that I am sure that the "official" MPG Equivalent is calculated differently, but for me it is all about cost!

My kWh cost is $0.1394/kWh (electric bill)
Miles driven are 487 mi (Truck Odometer or Fordpass Charging Log)
I used a gasoline average price of $4.50 (Minnesota)
A generous average efficiency of my Old Truck was 18mpg. (100,000 miles)

I calculated fuel price per mile for both the Lightning and my old Silverado and here are my results:
MPG Equivalent was: 76.7mpg
Lightning fuel cost: $28.58
Old Truck fuel cost: $121.75
Fuel Savings: $93.17
Note: The larger the difference in per mile fuel costs the greater my MPG Equivalent and my savings.
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