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Moving your reservation

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Has anyone moved their reservation since the closing of priortizations on Dec 8th, i should have been #2 after several trips i was told i am #27 which means my dealor chose to prioritize all 25 positions above me, i can say i am not happy especially with how much business i have given them in the last 6 years (4 vehicles). What I am wondering is if you did move your Rez, where were you put on the new dealers list?
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My local dealer, Jim Tidwell Ford told me they had five allocations and I was in the first five. Today they stated they had two allocations and would not longer confirm my position, so I moved it to Allan Vigil Ford in Morrow, GA.

Allan Vigil Ford had told me it would be better to have moved my reservation earlier.

It is frustrating that Ford suggested a dealer which did not end up getting any more than two vehicles to sell. A First In, First Out system would be much more fair to the customers.
It is not transparent. It might even be a "deceptive trade practice" defined under law as "a material representation, omission or practice that is likely to mislead a consumer acting reasonably in the circumstances."

I moved BACK to the original dealership Ford set me up with. I am now #15.

They will get two this year.
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