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Moving your reservation

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Has anyone moved their reservation since the closing of priortizations on Dec 8th, i should have been #2 after several trips i was told i am #27 which means my dealor chose to prioritize all 25 positions above me, i can say i am not happy especially with how much business i have given them in the last 6 years (4 vehicles). What I am wondering is if you did move your Rez, where were you put on the new dealers list?
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I'm not sure the timing of your move would matter. When you move the reservation, you will get your $100 back as that is held by the local dealer. I believe (or at least in my case) My timestamp was held and I was put in the new dealers list with the original timestamp I had at the first dealer.

I called the dealer I was going to move to to find out where I would fit and how it would work. They just said to call them back once I had it moved. I had it moved, clicked on it and still had the order button, so I just proceeded to order before they could do anything to it. It asked for my $500 and I paid it. I called them the next day and they said my order was in and accepted.

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