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Molded Splash Guards / mud Flaps

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Ford Parts / Accessory page offers these:
F-150 2021-2022 Carbon Black Molded Splash Guards Front Pair ~ ML3Z16A550AA (ford.com)

but says not for Lighting -curious what Lightning owners are using? Weathertech? Husky?
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Not for Lighting because they have a negative affect on you aero. They are great little parachutes to catch air & suck down your range @ freeway speeds.😎
Since these are immediately behind the tires and the tires generate large regions of turbulence, why do you think they will affect the aero? Is this a guess or have you seen tests or modeling to support this?
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"In general, mud flaps are infamous for producing drag."

A Google search on the subject will produce a bounty of results, but even small stylish mud flaps have a pretty dramatic effect on a model 3. Door handles and mirrors produce measurable negative effects, mud flaps by contrast are cute little parachutes.
A Model 3 is shaped like a suppository. A Lightning is shaped like a brick.
A Model 3 has wheel arches that are tight around the edges of the tires. A Lightning has large vacuous spaces around the tires.

I did a Google search and found nothing on the impact of mud flaps on an F-150's aerodynamics.
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