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Mobile Charging

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I received an email stating that my truck is built and am now awaiting delivery. There will be a gap between delivery and installation of my charger pro. In the meantime, I did not order the Ford Mobile Charger as I had read bad reviews. I will, however, need a mobile charger to get me by while I await installation of the wall charger. I was thinking about getting the Tesla mobile connector and a J1772 adaptor like the TeslaTap. I was hoping to get everyone's opinions on this setup/wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas. Thanks!!
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I highly recommend that setup. It is what I use.
Do you recommend the Lightning TeslaTap? Thanks for your help!
I'd take it a step further and say get the 80 amp version (yes, it costs more) if you have an ER. That way, you can use it at 80 amp tesla destination chargers.
Is there a difference between the lightning version and the teslatap mini 80amp?
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