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Mobile Charger Adaptor Question

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We have a camping spot that has 30 amp, 120 volt, TT-30R, 2-pole camper connectors. The mobile charger supplied with my lightning has 4 prongs, the camper outlet has 3, I purchased an adaptor and from a camper dealership but it would not power on the charger. Now I’m a complete idiot when it’s come to electricity but I did ask the “camper guy” and he said he has had several Tesla owners purchasing adaptors for the same purpose. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this?
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It's hard to answer your question without knowing which adapter you bought, maybe something like this:

But, what you're trying to do will probably not benefit you using the Ford Mobile EVSE, even if it worked. Better to pull the four prong NEMA 14-50P cordset out of the Ford Mobile and replace it with the conventional three-prong 120V house plug that is supplied with the Ford Mobile. Both will be very slow, even if using 120V TT-30.

Tesla's Mobile Connector may allow 120V charging through one leg of the 14-50 (adapter's pin diagram) and Ford's may not:

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