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Miles/kwh results?

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What experiences you have on the efficiency (not range although they are related).

Low speed, towing, highway etc
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I did one short long trip that was 80 miles one way. I got between 2.1-2.2. The elevation change was from ~500 ft to 1800ft. I kept my CC on 70-71mph. Windows down enjoying the nice weather.

On my daily commute which is 42 miles one way I get about the same. This commute is 90% highway and depending on my mood, I do about the same 70-75mph. Sometimes it drops to 2.0 but this is mostly on the way back because I'm steadily increasing in elevation and using the A/C.

Last night I drove to a movie theater that was 45ish miles away, all highway and I did 80+ the entire way. It was windy and I did 1.9 going down and 1.7-1.8 coming back. I wasn't caring about my efficiency at that point.

I constantly get that feeling that I want to try and get the best efficiency when I drive but sometimes fight it off because for my commute I know what I need. So I can drive faster if I want and have plenty to get back. Since I don't go in everyday I don't have to worry about being back to full charge by the morning (however that wouldn't be an issue anyway). Plus it isn't as fun driving like that since I have a manual mustang and after a while I know I'm faster than just about everyone around and as long as they don't try to cut me off or block me out, I'm mostly chilling while I'm driving anyway. This will obviously play a bigger factor in the winter. So I'm interested in what I'll get when it drops.

When I'm popping in and around town, it can stay up in the 3s. I barely use 1 pedal. I favor CC 90% of the time.
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As a follow up. I actually behaved today on my commute. Temperature was high 60s, I leave at 5:30am. I used ACC @ 70 mph. This is just for heading in (made stops on the way back). 43 miles, 17.1 kWh used. 2.5 mi/kWh show in the FordPass app, 2.4 mi/kWh was shown on the 15 inch Trip Energy screen, 2.3 mi/kWh was show in the gauge cluster when I turned the truck off. Weird but I thought I'd just throw that in. 98% brake score with 8.3 miles gained from regen.

I got 2.6 mi/kWh later in the day over 15.7 miles. I was driving on 95N still doing 70 mph. Temp was in the 80s.

However in my screens it combined that trip with my trip home (happens) so in my Trip Energy it listed 2.1 kWh still doing 70 mph but I was going up in elevation slightly.

One thing I've noted that helps with that number is when using ACC: don't be in front. If you come up on someone and it slows you down, fine. I do go around if I can but if I can't, I don't force it if I know in a bit I'll be able to go around.

For all the trips it was majority highway.
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I'm only posting this cause I was surprised by the number. Commute into work, 90% highway. I set my cc to 70.
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