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Michigan Requests $750 Million for Ford's BlueOval EV Battery Park

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Michigan lawmakers are requesting $750 million to be put towards the completion of Ford's BlueOval Battery Park.

$330 million would be used to improve roads around the plant, $250 million would help prep the site for construction, and $100 million

The upcoming Ford BlueOval Battery Park Michigan is set to come online in 2026, but before the facility can become fully operational, a lot needs to happen. The future plant, which will produce lithium phosphate batteries for next-generation vehicles, is a key part of the Ford EV transition that the company anticipates will allow it to produce at least two million battery electric vehicles annually by 2026. In addition to funds from Ford itself, the state of Michigan has contributed resources to the site in Marshall as well, and per Crain’s Detroit Business, officials from the state are asking lawmakers to allocate additional funds to the project.

The $750 million request, which requires approval from the state legislature, would come from the Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve Fund, and would allocate $330 million to improve roads around the plant. Another $250 million would prep the site for construction, a process that includes the installation of a storm water management system, plus grading, tree clearing, demolition, and remediation, among other things. Water services comprise a full $100 million of the request, and would allow state and local entities to boost wastewater treatment and overall supply capabilities. Additional funding would go towards more infrastructure projects and to help Ford with permit processing.
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BlueOval Battery Park has received even more money from Michigan.

After a lengthy exploration period, Ford settled on Marshall, Michigan as the site of its newest EV battery plant – officially known as BlueOval Battery Park Michigan – which will begin producing lithium-iron phosphate batteries in 2026. With the land transfer already complete and the United Auto Workers union looking to organize the new plant, the next step is securing the funding necessary to erect it. In that regard, the state of Michigan previously asked for a $750 million dollar infusion, though a later bill added an additional $630 million to that total, and Michigan’s Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve Fund is poised to funnel $1.7 billion in the site, along with a $120.3 million grant from the Strategic Site Readiness Program. Now, the state of Michigan has approved a package that sends another $210 million to BlueOval Battery Park Michigan, according to Automotive News.

Those funds are part of a larger $410 million dollar package from the Senate Appropriations Committee, which also includes $200 million for Our Next Energy Inc., an EV battery technology company that’s looking to build its own plant in Van Buren Township.

The BlueOval Battery Park Michigan site is expected to cost $3.5 billion in total, and will employ around 2,500 workers when it opens in a couple of years, with more jobs set to be added after that. In addition to its multiple infusions of government-based funds, Ford is also getting a 15-year tax break worth $772 million and a $36 million loan from the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance.
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