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May I switch my reservation to another dealer?

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Is this possible? I know it was with bronco.
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If you have a good position in line with the current dealer, you may want to wait to make the switch until you receive the invitation to order.
BUT don't place the order before the switch.....
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Trying to figure out how another buyer who has an order # almost 300K higher than mine and who placed their reservation in July of 2021 was able to secure an order in February of 2022? We have the same dealer listed. Could this be some dealer funny business? Should I look into switching dealers?
Welcome to the forum! You are new so you don't know this, but probably 50 threads on this. In short, dealers were able to prioritize customers; it was not simply time stamp that let to invitations to order.
So, can they keep moving people in front of me?
There is a dealer "playbook" you can find on this site that was for MY 22 that explains the process. They were able to prioritize so many orders. Based on production numbers, I doubt they are all through those customers.
Interesting. Of course, we all know how reliable information from dealers is.

The real questions to anyone considering moving to a new dealer is where are you on your dealer's list and when did you reserve. If it was really early, you might do OK with moving. If you are like @svcwhoda and at #9 with the current dealer, I'd stay put until I received my invitation, then order from the preferred dealer.
100% agree with Coral. One you get the invite, that truck allocation is yours and you can move it where ever BEFORE you order. Great way to teach bad dealers a lesson as they lose an allocation.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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