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Maximum realized charge rate

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I mostly charge at home, however when fast charging I have yet to ever see anything better than 130KW. Even with no other vehicles connected at the location.
often charge at 150kw station and only achieve 41kw.
this is with the battery not near the fringes of capacity.
What are other users seeing!
On 50kw I see 40 or so, seems reasonable.
On 150’s I’ve seen 41, 80, and 120 - I have seen 70 go up to 120 after another vehicle on the station leaves (group of chargers. It just the individual 2x “pole”)
Even on 350’s I have never seen over 130
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I was going to screenshot it but they have gone over cause they were over a month ago. But I charged at 3 stations, all EA 350s and I hit a max ~172-175kw
For those who don't know, the charge curve for the Lightning is set up for somewhat of an inital burst that will be over 150 kW (if on a > 150 kw charger) if less than 80 SOC. Strategy to allow folks to add miles quickly if they only need a small charge. Tom M. at SOC has talked about this repeatedly.

In other words, if you can, always use a 350 kW charger.
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