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A Lotus (even an electric Lotus SUV) is probably about as far from a direct competitor to any Ford F-150 that I could imagine, however, it is one of the forthcoming EVs I've been most excited to see debut, for a lot of the same reasons I find the Lightning so interesting.

Lotus has such a carefully crafted brand, just like Ford with the F-150, and seeing how they'll be able to adapt the qualities they're known for (lightweight and great handling) to a large, heavy, electric SUV is going to be fascinating.

And we don't have long to wait. Lotus announced it would debut the Type 132 (that's the codename, anyway) on March 29, and production is set to begin at a new factory in Wuhan City, China by the end of this year. That's a pretty short turnaround, so I expect the debut in a few weeks to be pretty detailed.

That's the preamble, here's the news: The Australian IP office published these design renders of the Type 132 (I hope Lotus is planning a catchier name) which line up with the teasers we've seen so far.

Anybody else interested in this vehicle? What do you think Lotus will do here? BMW's iX is already pretty carbon-intensive in its construction, but that strikes me as the most obvious light-weighting option.
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