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Lots of new information on MY 2023 ordering!

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New video about this from @fordvideoguy with lots of great new information

I encourage everyone who has not yet ordered to watch it. Tim is a great source of inside information.
  • XLT may be back for Wave 5
  • No more Pros for MY2023
  • No more extensions
  • All reservation holders will receive invitations by summer 2023
  • Reservations to reopen summer 2023
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I have a question about the first chart. I ordered my 23 Pro on August 12th and the screen at the dealer said it would be built Autumn 2022. Looking at the chart, has it been pushed back a year?
Yes, I placed a $500 deposit. No VIN number to track yet. I check for the VIN once or twice a week under reservations. But the chart saying fall 2023 threw me off. I will stop looking if that's the case. This Lightning trip is full of ups and downs. Thanks

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1 - 2 of 14 Posts