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Lots of new information on MY 2023 ordering!

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New video about this from @fordvideoguy with lots of great new information

I encourage everyone who has not yet ordered to watch it. Tim is a great source of inside information.
  • XLT may be back for Wave 5
  • No more Pros for MY2023
  • No more extensions
  • All reservation holders will receive invitations by summer 2023
  • Reservations to reopen summer 2023
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Great info, FYI. I asked my dealer to look at the video at 7mins 10seconds to see if they can tell me what Wave I might be getting my order in. They could not tell me anything.….
Although my dealer has been good to me in the past and guarantees MSRP, one area I have been frustrated with is the fact that they flat refuse to tell people where they are "in line". Keeping with the age-old practice of lie, lie and then lie some more that all dealers seem to subscribe to, I was told "we have no way of knowing" each time I asked. This, with a dealer I have ordered and purchased vehicles from in the past, so they know me.

This dealer is now starting to benefit from the folks that are abandoning the Lightning at the last minute and turning the truck over to the dealer for resale. I have been getting called when they get these trucks, and offered a chance at them. None have been ER, so I declined, (and I will never pay over MSRP) but this last time I used the offer to test how honest they were being with me on the allotment question. I told the salesman I was interested in their lot truck, markup and all; depending on where I was with my own order. In an effort to put me into the lot vehicle, I was taken to the sales manager's office and shown where I was on their allotment list.

Hah! I proved that they were lying all along, they know exactly what is in the que and where, but they have good reasons for not showing that to the customer.

For those really wanting to find out where they are in line with the dealer, this is a ploy you might use.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts