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Looking to purchase a lightning pro

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Range option doesn’t matter, it could be a base pro for all I care.
Located in south Florida, cash buyer.

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I'd like to get together on a fleet buy of Pro ERs with Tow Tech like Kyle Connor was kicking around. Evidently, it's not as easy as getting x-number of people together and declaring, "We're a fleet!"
I tried to get a Livery/Taxi fleet ID, and Ford rejected the idea of using it to order an F150 Lightning:
"Good morning, to purchase the F150 Lightning you do need a Commercial FIN, not Livery. The criteria to get a Commercial FIN can be found here - https://www.fleet.ford.com/get-started/eligibility-documentation/#commercial."

Commercial fleet needs you to have 15 vehicles already in service (proof required). OR order 5 new ones. But I heard the cap on ordering F150 Lightnings is 4. So it seems you cannot make a new fleet of just F150 Lightnings...
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