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Looking to purchase a lightning pro

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Range option doesn’t matter, it could be a base pro for all I care.
Located in south Florida, cash buyer.

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Not sure that you'll find anything here - there are no Lightnings 'for sale'... not on dealer lots, not from Ford, and not from any of us who might have one on order. Cash won't matter, as that would be the ONLY method, regardless, although you'll find that you'd have to come out of pocket with a LOT more 'cash' than you think - double the price of the MSRP and you 'might' be on the right track, but ONLY if you could wrangle the truck out of someone else's hands... not very likely. Dealers can 'sell' their Demos after a minimum of 6 months from receiving it(only one per dealer)... but it's also likely that dealers already have deposits on any demos you would come across. Without a reservation, and without a future order, it's likely no Lightnings will ever be 'sitting' on a dealer's lot waiting for a customer to stop by and buy it. Those days may well be over. Try to order a Tesla - hurry up and wait. Try to order a Rivian - hurry up and wait even longer. You might try a Nissan Leaf - it might be the ONLY EV in the market that you can actually buy 'today' at a dealer. Everything else is either 'new' and not even in production yet, or in such a slow production or 'chip hold' shortage that 'waiting' is the only option, regardless of whether you have cash, or not.
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