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Long term parking in winter in New England

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So, we will be parking at the airport for 6 days. Anyone know what kind or range I might lose on a Lariat, ER?
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Bradley does not have chargers.
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Really curious to know how you make out here. Keep us posted!
Will do
I left my truck parked for 4 nights. - 10degC, - 25degC, - 25degC, - 10degC, - 5degC. and had only lost a few percent. Your results may vary. I wouldn't do that with lower SOC though, I had @72% when parked, 69% when I left.

It doesnt draw much sitting but when you fire it back up it starts drawing to get to temp.

Ford recommends 50% for long term storage but absolutely no other useful info except "things might not work properly below - 25degC".

My truck has been a champ so far, your experience will vary.
wow. Great info. Thanks so much!
Broke my hip, so didn’t drive mine for a month. It only lost 2%sitting in my drive not plugged in. I was pretty impressed by that, my Tesla would lose that in a couple days.
Thanks. What were the temps for the time you were laid up? i hope you are feeling better.
My Lariat ER has been parked at the airport for 5 days so far and I have lost nothing.
Thank you
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