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Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer, Ford F-150 Lightning, Shows us Around Ford's All Electric Pickup Truck

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I have to say, I see the fold down shifter to be an unnecessary gimmick. Yes, I like the fold open workspace. However, they could have gone with a dial shifter like the Mustang Mach E (and new Mustang Coupes) have and eliminated the need for all of that.
It seems that a lot of people doing car reviews prefers traditional shifters. To me it seems like a waste of space. Even in the ICE version, there is no direct connection between the shifter and the transmission. In an EV, it makes even less sense.

P - with one pedal driving, the car is already in park when the accelerator is not pressed. When the car is off, it stays in park. In my current EV, I don’t have to put it in park, I just turn off the car.
N - EVs don’t really have a neutral. The motor is always connected to the wheel. Some EVs can be flat towed, but a flat tow mode could be activated in the menu.

That leaves D and R. Other than when parallel parking, I rarely switch between D and R. A simple D / R switch would be fine for that. It could be next to the tow backup dial.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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