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Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer, Ford F-150 Lightning, Shows us Around Ford's All Electric Pickup Truck

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I have to say, I see the fold down shifter to be an unnecessary gimmick. Yes, I like the fold open workspace. However, they could have gone with a dial shifter like the Mustang Mach E (and new Mustang Coupes) have and eliminated the need for all of that.
Agreed, I think the fold down shifter is stupid and there were many other ways they could have accomplished this without something else that can potentially break.
It's a way to save a few bucks on each truck vs doing all new tooling for a center console/filler to place the dial in. Gimmicky, sure...but there is a reason this truck is going to start at 40k even if they have the part available on another model.
They shouldn't have done it in the first place on the ICE F-150. Problem solved.
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