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Lightning Update

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hey all, was just curious when the last time your lightning was updated. I saw on twitter some people already got the update with youtube on it and apparently some of the newer models have working phone as a key?

My lightning hasn't updated since around mid August.
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I received 3.5.2 on Sept 7, 2022; so far, the one and only update.
I just received 3.5.2 yesterday. I was alerted through my Ford Pass app.
I’ve owned my truck for 3 weeks now. I haven’t received any updates. I don’t even know what version I’m on because It does not show me. I check every day waiting for an update giving me PaaK.
Paak has been available for a while. Have you read the instruction manual on how to automatically install updates?
Oh yes, it’s set to automatically install every day of the week. I also check manually nearly every day, but nothing shows up in the sync version or in Ford Pass.
What?!? That’s lame. Don’t we all get the updates at the same time?
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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