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Lightning Update

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hey all, was just curious when the last time your lightning was updated. I saw on twitter some people already got the update with youtube on it and apparently some of the newer models have working phone as a key?

My lightning hasn't updated since around mid August.
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Does anyone else seem to be getting random hidden updates? The other day, with no apparent update, the truck icon in the top left was gone and a mach e was in it's place. A few hours later it was back to a truck. This morning, the truck had forgotten both bluetooth devices(phones) that it had been previously connected to. Could just be glitches I guess, but wondering if it isn't some sort of background update/etc.
My PaaK finally showed up last Thursday even though there doesn’t appear to be a new update.
When did you take delivery?
I didn’t take delivery until August 20th but mine was ordered by the owner of the dealership for himself and he drove it from July 1 until I bought it. He never titled it so I still get the tax credit.
How did you notice it? Showed up on the truck or the app?
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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