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Lightning Update

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hey all, was just curious when the last time your lightning was updated. I saw on twitter some people already got the update with youtube on it and apparently some of the newer models have working phone as a key?

My lightning hasn't updated since around mid August.
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What?!? That’s lame. Don’t we all get the updates at the same time?
no they roll them out in stages for various reasons.

but my truck is set to auto update, its connected to my home wifi when parked, and yea, haven't gotten an update since August. After i got the truck in late July it seemed like there were weekly if not multiple updates a week as they rolled stuff out.
Does anyone else seem to be getting random hidden updates? The other day, with no apparent update, the truck icon in the top left was gone and a mach e was in it's place. A few hours later it was back to a truck. This morning, the truck had forgotten both bluetooth devices(phones) that it had been previously connected to. Could just be glitches I guess, but wondering if it isn't some sort of background update/etc.
ive not seen anything like that.

but after the first or second update i got it completely reset all the radio presets i had set, which was highly annoying.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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