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Lightning Standard Range Battery Charging & mileage experiences?

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Did a 300 mile trip (600 miles out & back)a couple weeks ago, so had my first chance to use High speed DC Charging. All the stops were Electrify America, and worked OK. What I found was that the 150kW chargers seem to limit at about 133 kW charge rate. I thought this was OK because apx 133 seems to be the bulk charge rate. HOWEVER, I did try out some unoccupied 350kW chargers, and discovered that the first 5-8 minutes the SR battery would take a 145+ kW rate. One time it even hit 153 kW for the first 5 minutes! It was 90 degrees, and the AC fans were going full bore, but I thought it was great to hit that charge rate! I was wondering:
1. For others with SR battery, what has been your charge experience? Max charge, bulk charge rates?
2. With 1400 miles on the Lightning, mix of local and one trip (averaging 70 mph), I am at 2.4 mi/kWh. what are you averaging?
3. I have tried altering the tire pressure a small amount, going up to 41 psi, which does not seem to have any noticeable effect on drive. Do you feel that is helping mileage?
4. Has anyone added a Tonneau and if so, do you have any noticeable changes to mileage?
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I have about 750 miles on mine. Driving mostly locally and a few short highway trips going about 70-75 mph. The average for all that has come out to 2.7 mi/kwh.
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