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Lightning profile setup, PAAK, & keyfob

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Just got my Lightning on November 7th. I could use a little help with setting up a profile. Is it best to setup the profile first and then connect the PAAK or the other way around? Also, does the keyfob connect to a profile or to the PAAK?
My wife has a MME GT and we have been having a hard time with this profile thing. Most times the MME recognizes the driver when we are both in the car but sometimes it doesn't recognize ether of us so we end up driving on the guest profile. Lately the only way we have been able to get to a profile is to delete one.
Hoping to avoid these complications with the Lightning.
Thanks in advance.
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Start with setting up the primary driver's profile. As part of that you will assign a memory button, fob, and PaaK to that profile.

After the primary driver is set up, repeat the process for other drivers.

The button in the top center of the Sync4A screen should allow you to switch among profiles. The memory button does so as well.
New video out on how to set up PaaK in your Lightning:
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