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Lightning Pro on cars.com

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Looks like real pictures located in

Ken Ganley Ford
2835 Barber Road
Barberton, OH 44203
Sales: 330-752-8815
Service: 330-752-1374
Parts: 330-247-5315

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o I went to the dealer site to see what my trade is worth and sent in pictures of my 2015 Honda Pilot. My Pilot is costing me $300-325 a month in gas right now.

They valued my trade in at $16,951 and with financing at 1.75% my car payment over 60 months would be $382.

I just wish it wasn't white.

Now I just have to convince the wife and have this kinda deal closer to home VA MD PA NC.

If it's was silver, or iced blue I would drive to OH to make the deal.
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I think you'll find blue Monroney stickers are demo/mannequin/FCTP dealer program vehicles. Dealers can't sell sell them now without incurring penalties for breach of their agreement with Ford.

Customer orders have green where the blue is. Open for correction if blue stickers also include dealer inventory.
Thanks I know all that I was just posting this for information out there. But I did contact the dealer and the sales manager to see if this is a actual demo or maybe maybe dealerships can order cars without customer orders and they plan to sell them I'm not sure I'll let everybody know when I find out.

But as far as the financing piece goes at least I know what my payment might look like and that's a good thing for me.
I assume I will have to place an order in the next round of ordering. Whenever that is. But I also like to think that maybe a dealer will sell a pro model at MSRP after 6 months maybe?? Maybe
It's that way on cars.com as well and I've already viewed AutoTrader. It's really kind of stupid because the dealers have been told by fours that they're being watched. I think Ford will eventually stop selling to dealers who are doing all this stupid crazy markups and only go with either one per state or regional dealerships with dealers they know they can work with and will follow the rules.
I spoke to one dealer who said that is Ford's punishment for any new model when it comes out like it was the same for the Mach-e. but then the dealer said there are ways to get around MSRP pricing by if a order is delivered and customer does not want to buy. Then it wasn't a demo so no six months wait, and they say they are going to sell them over MSRP. The dealer was in Richmond VA.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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