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Looks like real pictures located in

Ken Ganley Ford
2835 Barber Road
Barberton, OH 44203
Sales: 330-752-8815
Service: 330-752-1374
Parts: 330-247-5315

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o I went to the dealer site to see what my trade is worth and sent in pictures of my 2015 Honda Pilot. My Pilot is costing me $300-325 a month in gas right now.

They valued my trade in at $16,951 and with financing at 1.75% my car payment over 60 months would be $382.

I just wish it wasn't white.

Now I just have to convince the wife and have this kinda deal closer to home VA MD PA NC.

If it's was silver, or iced blue I would drive to OH to make the deal.
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It's funny Ford is an international brand but the experience and pricing at any given locally/regionally owned Ford can vary wildly.
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