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Looks like real pictures located in

Ken Ganley Ford
2835 Barber Road
Barberton, OH 44203
Sales: 330-752-8815
Service: 330-752-1374
Parts: 330-247-5315

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o I went to the dealer site to see what my trade is worth and sent in pictures of my 2015 Honda Pilot. My Pilot is costing me $300-325 a month in gas right now.

They valued my trade in at $16,951 and with financing at 1.75% my car payment over 60 months would be $382.

I just wish it wasn't white.

Now I just have to convince the wife and have this kinda deal closer to home VA MD PA NC.

If it's was silver, or iced blue I would drive to OH to make the deal.
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I originally had my reservation with another Fred Beans Ford but I moved it months ago because they gave me a bunch of sleazy double talk when I asked them about honoring MSRP and told them I wouldn’t complete the order without a signed buyers order price commitment. The salesman oozed the sleazy stereotype about how there was no problem and they’d surely work everything out when the truck arrived.

I found a small dealership nearby that was COMPLETELY the opposite. They committed to MSRP without reservation and produced the buyers order without delay. Truck is supposed to arrive next week so hopefully the deal will close, but I have zero patience for BS games. No $500 nitrogen tire fills or $1500 lojack.
If you go to auto trader.com there are quite a few posted. Just to give an idea of what the mark up is here is one of them. Crazy!
View attachment 2609

If you go to autotrader.com there is a decent amount on there. To give an idea of the mark ups I found this Pro…… Crazy!!!
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It's funny Ford is an international brand but the experience and pricing at any given locally/regionally owned Ford can vary wildly.
It will be very interesting to see if Ford meaningfully punishes the dealers selling mannequins. Listing those trucks that aren’t even on the lot yet is really a finger in Ford’s eye. The legacy dealer model is under stress and it will be interesting to see where the chips fall.

As always, buyer beware.
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Unfortunately, ironclad dealer franchising agreements make it really hard to vote the bad boys off the island. In many ways, the dealers run the manufacturers.
It appears Ford has the power to limit what they send these dealers. So long as supplies are constrained it seems Ford can punish them.
Sure, if a customer doesn’t complete the order then the dealer is free to sell the truck for whatever they want. This means dealers have a perverse incentive to piss off reservation holders into abandoning the order. It seems that smaller dealers, who tend to care more about their customers and reputation, are less willing to engage in this short term play. On the flip side it seems that larger volume dealers could give a crap knowing that most buyers are basically fools who are enticed by big lots, cheesy gimmicks and advertising.

I spoke to one dealer who said that is Ford's punishment for any new model when it comes out like it was the same for the Mach-e. but then the dealer said there are ways to get around MSRP pricing by if a order is delivered and customer does not want to buy. Then it wasn't a demo so no six months wait, and they say they are going to sell them over MSRP. The dealer was in Richmond VA.
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