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Lightning Pro on cars.com

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Looks like real pictures located in

Ken Ganley Ford
2835 Barber Road
Barberton, OH 44203
Sales: 330-752-8815
Service: 330-752-1374
Parts: 330-247-5315

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o I went to the dealer site to see what my trade is worth and sent in pictures of my 2015 Honda Pilot. My Pilot is costing me $300-325 a month in gas right now.

They valued my trade in at $16,951 and with financing at 1.75% my car payment over 60 months would be $382.

I just wish it wasn't white.

Now I just have to convince the wife and have this kinda deal closer to home VA MD PA NC.

If it's was silver, or iced blue I would drive to OH to make the deal.
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yep, can't be sold for a very long time... also, while we on these forums tend to think that we are the only one's seeing this LIGHTNINGS, I'll bet that the vast majority of LIGHTNING order owners are not on these forums, and almost none of the dealers are - so there are plenty of LIGHTNINGS on dealer lots and in owner's hands, already - we just don't know about them.
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remember, too, that it's certainly assured that NO Ford Dealer will be selling these 'demo' units for anything CLOSE to MSRP.... you'll probably change your mind quickly when they actually give you a 'final' price.... it's laughable what they're already asking.... if you don't have an order for one, good luck.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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