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Lightning pictures from Washington Auto Show

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My thanks to Mike Levine, Head of Communications for Ford NA, Herschel Wourman, the manager for the Ford display, and Sarah, a Lightning Product Specialist for this opportunity.

The Lightning was up on the off-limits pedestal. Thanks to Mike I was able to get up there and have Sarah show me around the Lightning inside and out. (If you go to the show and ask really nicely to get up there to see it, they will still say no.)

My Q&A is at Questions for Product Specialists at the DC Auto Show?

My apologies for the bad colors. Ford's display of it's star vehicle uses dramatic blue LED lighting that completely distorts colors. I shot many of them in RAW and tried to color correct but it was hopeless. All of these are uncorrected.

So, here are exterior shots. The color of this Lariat is Carbonized Gray -- yes, really. It was the only Lightning there.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle
Grille Vehicle Blue Automotive lighting Hood

Tire Car Vehicle Grille Blue

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Car Tire
Automotive tail & brake light Hood Automotive design Blue Automotive lighting
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Blue
Automotive lighting Hood Blue Rectangle Netbook
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Now for some exterior features
Charging port (open)
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Fake charging port on right side
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Blue

Front cooling vents (open)
Grille Blue Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design

Front logo with camera and camera washer (closed)
Blue Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Water

Bed with spray liner and rear step
Wheel Vehicle Car Blue Automotive lighting

Blue Automotive design Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle

9.6kW Pro Power Onboard bed outlets
Blue Gas Electric blue Machine Electrical supply

Blue Gas Engineering Electric blue Machine

Blue Fluid Entertainment Gas Electric blue
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Now a peak at the underneath
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Blue
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire
Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting Blue
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The tires and wheels

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Blue

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire
Wheel Automotive tire Light Blue Automotive design

Vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting Hood Car
Wheel Automotive tire Blue Automotive lighting Automotive design
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Mirror lights and cameras
Hood Automotive lighting Blue Vehicle Automotive design
Car Vehicle Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Grille
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The Mega Power Frunk
Blue Automotive lighting Hood Car Vehicle

Automotive lighting Blue Hood Automotive design Vehicle
Blue Purple Azure Rectangle Wood

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Blue Light

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior Trunk
Automotive lighting Blue Hood Motor vehicle Tire
Blue Gas Gadget Caller id Electric blue
Blue Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Vehicle
Blue Light Azure Vehicle Purple
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Interior - back seat area

Automotive lighting Blue Motor vehicle Vehicle Car
Automotive lighting Blue Motor vehicle Vehicle Car

Blue Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Vehicle Blue Motor vehicle Automotive design Car
Land vehicle Car Vehicle Blue Motor vehicle
Car Vehicle Plant Steering wheel Steering part

Vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle door Car Automotive exterior

Vehicle Blue Automotive lighting Car Hood
Blue Light Bumper Automotive exterior Gas
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Interior - front seat area
Car Vehicle Blue Motor vehicle Automotive design

Blue Light Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle
Blue Vehicle Hood Car Automotive lighting

Blue Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle Purple

Vehicle Automotive lighting Blue Motor vehicle Car
Blue Automotive lighting Vehicle Gas Automotive exterior
Automotive lighting Blue Automotive design Vehicle Automotive exterior
Blue Automotive design Car Automotive lighting Vehicle

Vehicle Automotive design Fixture Car Personal luxury car
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Interior - driver's side
Blue Communication Device Gadget Plant Telephony
Blue Vehicle Motor vehicle Light Plant

Car Vehicle Blue Motor vehicle Window

Plant Vehicle Blue Car Steering part

Blue Motor vehicle Automotive design Fixture Vehicle door
Blue Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel Gadget

Computer Communication Device Personal computer Mobile device Audio equipment
Computer Personal computer Peripheral Computer monitor Computer keyboard
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View attachment 1300
View attachment 1302
View attachment 1301

here's some of those ADAPTERS to make good use of that extra 7.2Kw 240v power coming from the LIGHTNING... for your other 20amp 120v outlet needs, or for your RV camper or fifthwheel, etc.... OR, for powering your home, whether via extension cords, or a 240v 30amp connection to your power panel....... Fantastic.
Agreed. However, be careful not to overload the circuit.

The Lightning appears to come with a NEMA L14-30R 30A locking receptacle, implying a 30A limit to the circuit (we won't know for sure until someone can check out the circuitry, specifications, or wiring diagram for the Lightning).

Your top two adapters look like a NEMA 5-20R and a TT-30R (RV) receptacle. At 20A and 30A, respectively, those would be within the load limits.

The bottom adapter you shared looks like a NEMA 14-50. That would allow the use of up to 50A devices that may exceed the load rating of the outlet.

Product Rectangle Font Material property Parallel
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Also, the two 'dual' 20amp 120v outlet adapter would be 40amps at 120 volts, not 40amps at 240 volts. Easy. The adapter is already designed to pull power from each 'side' of the 240v power, so only 20amps per 'side'.
Right, my mistake. I overlooked that those were 120V. Those would be fine. I fixed my earlier post.
They almost certainly have to all be GFCI protected by Code. I'm not sure what form it would take.
I was told at the DC Auto Show this week that they are GCFI protected.
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has anybody noticed the obvious 'extension cord' in the 12v battery compartment in the 'frunk'??
It's normal practice at auto shows for the cars to all be on battery tenders.
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