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Lightning pictures from Washington Auto Show

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My thanks to Mike Levine, Head of Communications for Ford NA, Herschel Wourman, the manager for the Ford display, and Sarah, a Lightning Product Specialist for this opportunity.

The Lightning was up on the off-limits pedestal. Thanks to Mike I was able to get up there and have Sarah show me around the Lightning inside and out. (If you go to the show and ask really nicely to get up there to see it, they will still say no.)

My Q&A is at Questions for Product Specialists at the DC Auto Show?

My apologies for the bad colors. Ford's display of it's star vehicle uses dramatic blue LED lighting that completely distorts colors. I shot many of them in RAW and tried to color correct but it was hopeless. All of these are uncorrected.

So, here are exterior shots. The color of this Lariat is Carbonized Gray -- yes, really. It was the only Lightning there.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle
Grille Vehicle Blue Automotive lighting Hood

Tire Car Vehicle Grille Blue

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Car Tire
Automotive tail & brake light Hood Automotive design Blue Automotive lighting
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Blue
Automotive lighting Hood Blue Rectangle Netbook
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Thank you for getting access and sharing the information.
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Agree that would be on the owner to be aware of amps not matching up with the circuit, but having some of these can be invaluable. As a Tesla owner too, I like the one for the 14-50 for helping out a fellow owner, or even a MachE or other car that uses a 14-50 receptacle. The good new is that Tesla continues to modify their phone app, you can adjust the amperage down before starting the charging session. You can also do that from the car.

Bigger question here I'm not sure I've seen - what is the "breaker" reset for these should you overload a circuit? Does the truck have a breaker or a fuse?

Tesla's have neither. There is nothing accessible by human if you overload or have a problem with a circuit. They use mosfet's on the circuit boards. Several good Youtube video's that can describe more about them better than I can. The mosfets automatically reset after time.
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has anybody noticed the obvious 'extension cord' in the 12v battery compartment in the 'frunk'??
Maybe a special setup with a battery tender for the "show" trucks. They could plug the HV into 110 and survive I would think, but guessing they have created a special setup just to maintain the 12v since all of the truck lighting and accessories from the 12v.
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