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Lightning Owners Manual

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I've been checking - looks like it is finally getting close. Ford has at least made the entry on the page, although the page says no data found.

Thinking this should be the link - if they change it I'll update this post, but hoping that it arrives in the next week or two:


UPDATE - Direct link to web version - https://www.fordservicecontent.com/...ifTXR40-C6xMCl0S_KyObVIJ403yDojvmqJc_fiSFGGw0
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Two weeks ago I ordered an Owners Manual from Helm for $35 plus shipping -- which was purported to be a paper manual. But what showed up in the mail was the Quick Reference Guide, the Supplemental Owners Manual, etc. -- the small pamphlets that came in the glove box when I purchased the truck. I immediately phoned Helm who took about 24 hours to research the problem and came back to me stating that just last week Ford Motor Company announced to Helm that no paper Owners Manual would be made available for the Lightning. To their credit, Helm issued me a complete refund, including the shipping charges, and told me to keep the stuff they had sent to me.

Soooo, I will print myself a paper copy of the Manual (all 657 pages!) on my office printer which is high speed and will handle double sided printing.

But the lesson here for others is DO NOT bother ordering an Owners Manual from Helms. You WILL be disappointed.
Hopefully Helms isn't offering it anymore.
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2023 manual now available at
Owner’s Manual F-150 Lightning Printing 1 (PDF)View
A compressed pdf is attached.


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Many people have printers at home with their computers. I have a very nice ink jet from HP that allows multiple adjustments to the printing process. I believe that most printers sold in the last 10 years, except the perhaps the most basic ones have these features somewhere in their menus or the print dialog box. The settings that I am using with my HP printer are this:
1. set to print 2 pages per page
2.set to print in landscape mode not portrait mode
3. set to print on both sides
4. set it to flip on the short axis (very important)
5. increase the size to about 160 %
6. try experimenting with the first 10 or so pages to make sure it comes out the way you want it

These settings bring the total number of pages to roughly 170 total pages. Much more doable than 662 pages. Once it's printed, you can go through and remove pages that you don't think you will need. From there you can make into a book using various methods. I think I will put mine in a landscape style binder then decide if I want to keep it in the house or garage or the truck.

Good Luck
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