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Lightning Owners in General F150 Forums

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As a lifelong car enthusiast who's owned a wide range of cars, I've joined basically every type of car forum, and all of them bring some interesting characters.

However I've never seen anything like Lightning discussions in a regular F150 forum. It's hard for any real conversation to take place without some political take entering the thread.

I'm currently only on F150forum, has anyone had any experience in general forums/groups with their lightning yet?

As far as I can tell I'm one of the only people on that forum with a Lightning.
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I posted the announcement of my new truck on the NoBoundaries travel trailer FB group. I talked about looking forward to my first trip towing the trailer. Boy did the trolls come out! Most of them were equipped with torches and pitchforks. Fortunately, most of their weapons were the same old tropes that have proven to be false and easy to dispel. Prepare to be loved by some and hated by others.
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