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As a lifelong car enthusiast who's owned a wide range of cars, I've joined basically every type of car forum, and all of them bring some interesting characters.

However I've never seen anything like Lightning discussions in a regular F150 forum. It's hard for any real conversation to take place without some political take entering the thread.

I'm currently only on F150forum, has anyone had any experience in general forums/groups with their lightning yet?

As far as I can tell I'm one of the only people on that forum with a Lightning.
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Crazy...I agree it's not for everyone but you'd figure that side of the political spectrum would find some reason to embrace the lightning...reducing our energy dependencies from foreign countries, reducing costs at the pump, American made, outrageous performance, etc.
I'm very much from that political side of the spectrum, and big, big reasons I'm all for it. You nailed it! The one thing I run into is the legit issue we have with DC fast chargers in states like SD where I live. I can't argue with them on that as they are correct. Basically impossible to use in rural areas, if you plan on driving/towing significant distances, particularly in winter. Personally, since I live in the one metro area, I tell them should not be an issue for me, other than when I drive to Fargo. (and hopefully more chargers get built before I get my truck....south dakota is just putting in for the EV money from Biden)
I wonder how many oil shocks this country will survive and blame on everybody else (environmentalists, president, Arabs, Saudis, Exxon, Russia...) before we start blaming ourselves enough to start solving the problem with our buying decisions.
I'd be a very bad politician, as I always say we need to reduce consumption, and increase production, domestically. I'd be thrown out of both parties.....
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