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Lightning Meetup at Magic Dock near Santa Cruz CA on 3/2

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Two of us are planning to meet at the Scott's Valley Tesla Supercharger station on Thursday, March 2nd a bit before 3:30. If any other Lightning drivers want to meet up and test one of the first Tesla Magic Docks in the country with your Lightning, come join us.

I think we'll wander over to the nearby Faultline Brewing Company after that. Reply here if you are interested.
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I'll let @ChasingCoral go more into the details but we both showed up today, and it was GREAT. Yes, I'm a not a big fan of Tesla (well, more politely, not a big fan of Musk), but this is the way that all of us in the EV ecosystem need to be. And, that's working together. Closed systems will kill the adoption of EVs (note that I'm still sore that I got locked out of a Rivian closed system recently, too).

Any way, the whole thing worked as advertised. Load the Tesla app, load your credit card, activate the charger, and plug it in. Super simple, worked first time. Here's a photo of our Lightning storm in Scotts Valley, California (near Santa Cruz for non-locals). Lot's of spots to charge.

A bonus for us was to see even more non-Teslas also trying out the new system. A Polestar, a Lucid, a crazy (but beautiful) $1m Drako, a Moto-e motorcycle, a Mach-E, oh and a couple of Teslas. Everyone had a good time chatting around the stalls.

And - beautiful weather!

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