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Here's a starting point on a checklist for checking your new truck:

Lightning Checklist

  • Validate VIN
  • Check every seam and door for alignment
  • Open and close every door, trunk, frunk several times.
  • Check undercarriage and all body/fascia edges for scratches or dents
  • Check tire pressures and compare with tire pressure monitor
  • Check lights, turn signals, etc
  • Check headlight alignment
  • Charge port and charge status indicator
  • Check windshield washer fluid level
  • Check windshield wipers and washers
  • Inspect mirrors
  • Fold and unfold mirrors, checking for noise
  • Check glass roof & margins
  • Check all windows
  • Check front license plate holder
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Check coolant level

Internal & Electronics Systems
  • Ensure the mobile charger is present
  • Test mobile charger
  • Ensure tire inflator kit is in the trunk
  • Check seats
  • Test seat headrests
  • Test rear seat unlatch/latch
  • Test controls on automatic front seats (and manual passenger in Select)
  • Check interior door panels
  • Check headliner
  • Check all interior lights
  • Check glove box
  • Raise and lower all windows a few times from driver controls
  • Raise and lower all windows from local controls
  • Insert and remove every seatbelt several times.
  • Turn on the music to check it works
  • Test Qi (wireless) phone charger and USB ports
  • Test 12v, 110v, and 220v outlets
  • Is battery at 100% State of Charge?
  • Reset EV range and trip odometers (Settings > Vehicle > EV Driving History Reset.)
  • Check the center console is working in both dark and light modes
  • Check screen responsiveness
  • Reset the Sync4 (Volume down, right seek arrow, hold for 10 sec.)
  • Run Bezel diagnostics (Radio on AM or FM, Volume down, left seek arrow)
  • Check A/C, heater, defroster
  • Test keyless entry and start codes from card
  • Program the passcodes for door and car start
  • Sign onto FordPass and make sure the car is synced with that
  • Pair phone using bluetooth
  • Check backup, 360 cameras
  • Test Navigation on screen and voice command
  • Activate modem
  • Test radio, Sirius, streaming
  • Test Apple Car Play / Android Auto
  • Check sound in all speakers
  • Test seat heaters, steering wheel heater
  • Test seat cooling

  • Test Cruise
  • Test Adaptive Cruise
  • Test Intelligent Cruise (speed sign recognition)
  • Test lane centering
  • Test Blue Cruise
  • Test hands off wheel warning
  • Test blind spot sensors

  • Adjust the seats
  • Adjust the steering wheel stalk
  • Adjust the mirrors
  • Ensure key fob works

  • Check owner manuals and keyless entry codes
  • Run through financing spreadsheet, verifying each item

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First item–validate VIN.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine's son bought a new F-150 over telephone/internet from about 400 miles away. His truck had been totalled by a drunk driver. The only truck on a lot he could find was at a monster dealer here. Financing with credit union, the whole thing was just waiting to finalize a signature. His dad, my friend, was enlisted to drive it to the credit union in Kentucky and all meet up there. Dad goes to the dealer, it's ready and he drives almost eight hours with wife tailing him in a second vehicle. Not hard to guess, but the prep guy at the dealer prepped the wrong truck. The dealer had two identical white FX4s, same sticker price, everything. The wrong VIN number at the credit union caused a huge hassle, including trying to blame the guy who was playing Good Samaritan and had not participated in the deal whatsoever, other than get in a brand new truck and drive it 400 miles.

Double check that VIN number!
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