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Lighting Question

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Good morning I was wondering if anyone has taken delivery of the new Ford lightning and what are their thoughts of performance quality anything that would be helpful.
I have my reservation at a dealership in Arizona and they can’t seem to give us any type of dates to come in and order. I know with things going on in the global market with computer chips and other products that go into new vehicles all the auto manufacturers are having issues with producing products.My wife and I own a Tesla model S we bought new and love the technology, but for me I’m glad ford. came out with something and that’s why I put my deposit to get in line to place an order for one I believe in their concept I would truly hope that ford, would supply their dealers with vehicles that people can come and test drive to firm up our decisions to pay anywhere between 40 and $90,000 for a vehicle .
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someone just landed from the moon?? oh, I gotcha! tee hee

ok., no, we're not making fun of you, but, yes, you are coming here with a very 'odd' question! at least in light of all the 'chatter' around this new Amazing vehicle!
I don't think it's unproductive - I think you may have not done much of any research before you landed here to ask the question. It's all over the web. No one has received one yet, so no, there are none.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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