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So, after going through all the excitement, followed by disappointment, and then excitement, followed by heartbreak, of the past year, watching for months with bated breath for an invitation to order, thinking we'd gotten lucky with that "extra inventory" clean up wave in June (we got one of our dealer's two allocations, but then didn't get an invitation to order) and then resigning ourselves to never getting a Lightning after all because the MY23 priced us out of the market, this happened: on Saturday, I got a text from our dealer with a photo of a Rapid Red Lariat ER that had become available because the person that ordered it could no longer buy it. Model year 2022, has onboard scales and the tow package, everything else we wanted (except the max tow package, but we don't plan to tow very much) no ADM. We jumped on it, and today we became the proud owners of our dream truck, at the MY22 price (with mobile charger included!). Huge props to North Bay Ford in Santa Cruz, CA for their fairness and transparency and for helping make our dreams come true. It all happened so fast, we are still wrapping our heads around it!
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Be happy you have the max tow package as it gives you a second battery cooling system. It will help climbing the Sierras on a hot summer day.
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