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Wanted to give an update here.. After 2 weeks with this bad boy, I love the truck and everything about it being an EV, coming from owning all past generations of F150s I am very happy with what they did here..

Range.. with the new tires.. in these 2 weeks and my driving habits etc, truck has adjusted and shows me I would have 270 miles on a full 100% charge, so I lost 50 miles with the leveling kit and tires, this is just considering those mods, maybe it was going to adjust anyways because of my driving style? who knows.. I drive a mix of highway at 75-80 mph and city most days just FYI.

I hope this helps anybody that has doubts about doing this type of mod on their lightning, please let me know if you need any specifics I would love to help.

Thanks! View attachment 4154

This is awesome. I appreciate you posting these photos and talking about your experience (thanks to Richard's Lightning as well). I was looking for photos of this type of mod - stock wheels with new shoes and the level. I think the end of the day, after some time with it, I'll move toward new wheels, but I know for sure I want to take some of the rake out of the truck and put some meatier tires on it. So, thanks again guys!!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts