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Got the rough country 2” level kit installed today. I think I like it! Not sure yet on range hit, but doesn’t seem to be much. Had a headwind on the interstate drive home today, and it seemed to be about normal(with headwind) on the kw/mile meter. Weather here has been all over the place lately, so it’s been hard to find a baseline to compare against.

Anyone have any good recommendations on all terrain tires that are mostly quiet? I will most likely go up a size to 285s, but might go to 295’s now that I can see how the level looks in real life. Not wanting to go too big, and kill too much range, but looking to fill the gaps a bit more.

I ran Cooper AT3’s on my previous Ram but I would only get around 25k miles out of them, and they seemed to get chewed up by the gravel road pretty bad, especially in the last 1/3 of life. Not sure if it’s cause they were 22’s?

I’m thinking BFG KO2, but not completely sold yet. Anyone have any good experiences or favorite all terrains?

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